Dogon Kanaga, Sirius, & 666 Human BEEing Divine Cosmology 4 FINAL

This video pretty much sums up all of the basics we've discussed in previous videos. I will also be giving more examples. This series is for humanity to understand the importance of MAtriarch cosmology and in doing so BAlance can be restored to all.

Peace and love
-Meaning of the Dogon Kanaga
-The X Chromosome is "God"
-The Mother Ship NOT the Star Ship! 666
-Sun & Moon (Yin Yang Dance)
-Serpent Energy

MAtriarch Science: EVE, Candyman, The Moors, Maat, The Ankh & TRInity!

This video exposes how the ancient truth has been hidden behind modern beliefs. Mental programming, mis education and western world ideas are what hide our true history. Our ancestors revered the bee goddess among many other goddesses such as KALI, hathor and many more that most of us have no knowledge of today.

Our ancestors in ancient Kemet had a totally different view of the cosmos than the senseless spinning globe solar system that was given to us by the enemy.

I also will be discussing SEX RITUAL, Prince's death and Hollywood fame.

This video reveals some of the MAgic that keeps you in the MAtrix as well as the following: Bee goddess, NASA & government deception, TRIdent & TRInity, X chromosome = trinity of all creation (Mother Goddess), PA TRI ARCH vs MA TRI ARCH, Serpent's curse?, Horned Goddesses = Satan aka Lucifer aka Momma Lucy! , Horned hand signs, The REAL Milky Way, MAAT & The Judgement of Humanity, Dogon Kanaga & Balance, Death & eternity.

Real Talk No Apologies!

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